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NPK 19:19:19

AgriWin NPK 19:19:19 is 100% Water Soluble Complex fertilizer for Agriculture purpose. It consisting of all the three major nutrients Nitrogen (N) 19%, Phosphate (P2O5) 19% and Potassium (K2O) 19% in readily available form. Free flowing material and easy handling.


  • Suitable for both foliar spraying and drip irrigation
  • Low salt content prevents clogging of drip system
  • As nutrient loss, which is common in ground application of fertilizers is avoided due to unique way of application, it enhances nutrient use efficiency
  • This is a starter grade fertilizer
  • A good source of N in all the 3 forms: amide, ammoniacal and nitrate forms
  • Being a good source of all of the three macro nutrients, it helps the crop meet its major nutrition requirements.
  • It promotes good root development and shoot growth.
  • By increasing the vigour of the crop, it help farmers grow healthy crops
  • Farmers can apply this grade to the crops to meet the N, P, K needs of their crops
  • As a water soluble grade, it gives best results when applied through either drip irrigation or through foliar application
  • Framers enjoy increased net income due to the reduced expenses

Specifications :

Total Nitrogen as N per cent by weight minimum 19.0
Nitrate nitrogen per cent by weight minimum 4.0
Ammoniacal Nitrogen, per cent by weight, minimum 4.5
Urea Nitrogen, per cent by weight, maximum 10.5
Water soluble Phosphate as P2O5, per cent by weight, minimum 19.0
Water soluble Potash as K2O, per cent by weight, minimum 19.0
Sodium as NaCl (on dry basis), per cent by weight, maximum 0.5
Matter insoluble in water, per cent by weight, maximum 0.5
Moisture, per cent by weight, maximum 0.5


Fertigation and Foliar spray are method of fertilizer application in which fertilizer is incorporated within the irrigation water by the drip system for all crops.


1 Kg with Multi Colour PP Pouch and 25 Kg BOPP Bag


Potassium Nitrate
(NPK 13:00:45) – 1KG, 25KG


Mono Ammonium Phosphate
(NPK 12:61:00) – 25KG


Mono Potassium Phosphate
(NPK 00:52:34) – 25KG


Calcium Nitrate
(C: 18.5 – N: 15.5) – 1KG, 25KG


Potassium Sulphate
(NPK 00:00:50) – 25KG


NPK 19:19:19 WSF – 1KG, 25KG