SoilWin CMS Plus

Enriched Granulated Soil Conditioner

SoilWin CMS Plus (Enriched Granulated Soil Conditioner) contains Calcium, Magnesium, Sulphur and enriched with traces of Micronutrients and other growth improve nutrients. It gives secondary nutrients to the soil, healthy growth to the plant and better yield. In general, most plants grow by absorbing nutrients from the soil. Their ability to do this depends on the nature of the soil. This product is needed for the soil very essential to provide the proteins and for the metabolism of carbohydrates (sugars) for the plant.


  • More improves Soil Structure
  • Helps Reclaim Sodic Soils
  • Improves Low-Solute Irrigation Water
  • Decreases pH of Sodic Soils and Increases the pH of Acidic Soils
  • Increases the Stability of Soil Organic Matter
  • Makes Excess Magnesium Non-Toxic
  • Improves Water-Use Efficiency
  • Helps Plants Absorb Plant Nutrients
  • Increases Value of Organics
  • Better Improvement in Fruit Quality and Prevents Some Plant Diseases
  • Source of Sulfur and traces of Micronutrients
  • Can be a Source of Oxygen for Plants
  • Can Increase Crop Yields

    Calcium as Ca 15%
    Magnesium as Mg 5%
    Sulphur as S 5%
    Micronutrients Traces
     Other nutrients For growth

    Use 50 to 100 kg per Acre as secondary nutrients and other growth improvement nutrients to
    the soil along with main fertilisers. Apply SoilWin CMS Plus at the time of ploughing / puddling
    and up to flowering stage of all crops and all soils.

    Packing: 50 kg Multi Colour BOPP Bag.

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