MicroWin Formulation No.7 (100% Water Soluble Fertilisers) (Powder)

MicroWin Formulation No.7 is in pellet form and corrects micronutrients deficiency of Iron (Fe),
Manganese (Mn), Zinc (Zn) and Boron (B) in the soil. This formula can help plant healthy and
better yield.

– So chelated nutrients rectify micronutrients deficiency immediately in plants.
– It makes the root system strong, enhances root, shoot growth and thereby higher yields.
– It improves absorption and utilization of other nutrients applied to the soil.
– It ensures better quality and improves shelf life of produce, thereby ensuring better profitability.
– MicroWin Formulation No.7. makes available the plant nutrients throughout crop cycle and rectifies deficiency problems.
– It is much suitable for Paddy, Cotton, Chilly, Citrus, vegetables crops and flower gardens.

Micronutrient                                Qty. W/W %

Iron (Fe)                                            0.50
Manganese (Mn)                             0.50
Zinc (Zn)                                           6.00
Copper (Cu)                                      0.00
Molybdenum (Mo)                          0.00
Boron (B)                                           0.00

Drip/Soil Application: Use 10 kg of MicroWin Formulation-7 powder per 1 Acre for all crops at
the time of plantation along with other fertilisers.
Packing: 10 kg Multi Colour Non Owen Pouch (Each shipper bag contains 5 Pouches) and 25
kg HDPE Bag



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