MicroWin Formulation No.1 (Powder)

MicroWin Formulation No.1 powder corrects micronutrients deficiency of Iron (Fe), Manganese
(Mn) and Zinc (Zn) in the soil or plat. It is fortified with NPK 1:0:1 formula and can help plant
healthy and better yield.

– It is very essential in fruit crops and also necessary in Sugar Cane, Palm oil, Coco, Coconut, Citrus, Banana and other crops to rectify the micronutrients deficiency.
– In upland paddy crop, it makes the root system strong, enhances root, shoot growth &increases the number of tillers & flowers & thereby higher yields.
– In Groundnut crop, it makes the plant healthy and green, increases no. and size of podsand their quality.


Micronutrient                                   Qty. W/W %
Iron (Fe)                                                    6.0
Manganese (Mn)                                     1.5
Zinc (Zn)                                                    5.0
Copper (Cu)                                               0.0
Molybdenum (Mo)                                 0.0
Boron (B)                                                    0.0

Foliar Spray: Dissolve 3 – 5 gm of MicroWin Formulation-1 powder in water and spray on both
the surface of leaves.

Soil Application: Use 10 – 20 kg of MicroWin Formulation-1 powder per Acre one or two times directly in the soil or through drip system and get fruitful results in all crops.

Packing: 10 kg Multi Colour Non-Owen Pouch (Each shipper bag contains 5 Pouches)

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