Plant Growth Regulator

GrowWin (Plant Growth Promotor) is a unique formulation fortified with macro and micro nutrients and seaweed extracts. It is a multi-nutrient product and acts as a Plant Growth Regulator.GrowWin proves its performance very efficiently and shows results so profusely due to presence of wide range of nutrients in it.

  • GroWin improves the uptake and utilization of nitrogen by activating the enzyme systems in plant.
  • It is totally bio-degradable and assists in assimilation of enzyme translocation of phot synthesized carbohydrates to storage organs i.e. fruits, roots, tubers and seeds.
  • It also helps in enhancing root growth and shoot growth, flower information and fruit set.
  • Specially nutrients available in GroWin and helps in lengthening of roots, cell division and balancing of enzymes.
  • GrowWin is responsible for formation of Chlorophyll and photosynthesis in plant. It also helps in production of proteins, metabolism of carbohydrates, activation of enzymes and energy transfer.
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