AgriWin:Potassium Nitrate

AgriWin Potassium Nitrate is a 100% water soluble fertiliser for Agriculture purpose only. Potassium Nitrate is a source of Potassium (K2O) 45% and Nitrogen (N) 13% two macronutrients (primary nutrients) essential for plant nutrition and growth. It is commonly used as a fertilizer for high-value crops that benefit from nitrate (NO3) nutrition and a source of potassium (K+) free of chloride (Cl).


  • Increases protein content in plants.
  • Increases starch contain in grains and tubers.
  • Increases vitamin C and solid soluble content.
  • Improves fruit colour and flavor.
  • Improve fruit size.
  • Increases peel thickness.
  • Reduces Physiological disorders (creasing and cracking in citrus, blotchy ripening complex in tomato…etc)
  • Enhances storage and shipping quality.
  • Extends shelf life.
  • Free-flowing, fine crystalline powder which dissolves speedily and completely in water
  • Compatible with all water-soluble fertilizers and also majority of pesticides in foliar application
  • Useful for excellent fruit setting & fruit development
  • Suitable for all crops and all growing stages in crops
  • Virtually free from harmful elements for plants
  • Specifications:

Moisture per cent by weight maximum


Total Nitrogen (all in Nitrate for) per cent by weight minimum


Water soluble potassium (as K20) per cent by weight minimum


Sodium (as Na) per cent by weight maximum 


Total Chloride (as CI) per cent by weight maximum. 


Matter insoluble in water per cent by weight, maximum



Fertigation and Foliar spray are method of fertiliser application in which fertiliser is incorporated within the irrigation water by the drip system for all crops.


1 Kg with Multi Colour PP Pouch and 25 Kg BOPP Bag  

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