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Plant Growth Promotor

GrowWin (Plant Growth Promotor) is a unique formulation fortified with macro and micro nutrients and seaweed extracts. It is a multi-nutrient product and acts as a Plant Growth Regulator. GrowWin proves its performance very efficiently and shows results so profusely due to presence of wide range of nutrients in it.


  • GroWin improves the uptake and utilization of nitrogen by activating the enzyme systems in plant.
  • It is totally bio-degradable and assists in assimilation of enzyme translocation of photsynthesized carbohydrates to storage organs i.e. fruits, roots, tubers and seeds.
  • It also helps in enhancing root growth and shoot growth, flower information and fruit set.
  • Specially nutrients available in GroWin and helps in lengthening of roots, cell division and balancing of enzymes.
  • GrowWin is responsible for formation of Chlorophyll and photosynthesis in plant. It also helps in production of proteins, metabolism of carbohydrates, activation of enzymes and energy transfer.


Parameters Specification
Appearance Dark Brown color Liquid
pH (As Such) 2.50± 0.5
0.2% aqueous Solution pH 6.0± 0.5
Solubility in Water Soluble
Specific Gravity 1.20 ± 0.1
Total Dissolve Solids (%) 40.0 ± 2.0
Total Nitrogen as N(%w/v) 3.0 ± 0.2
Phosphorus as P2O5(%w/v) 5.0 ± 0.5
Potassium as K2O (%w/v) 3.0± 0.2
Magnesium Gluconate (%w/v) 2.0± 0.2
Zinc Gluconate (%w/v) 2.0± 0.2
Ascorbic acid (%w/v) 1.50 ± 0.2
Thiamine (%w/v) 0.3
Myo Inositol (%w/v) 0.2
Organic Carbon (%w/v) 10 ± 2.0


Foliar Application: Apply GrowWin Liquid at vegetative, Flowering and Fruiting stages. Apply GrowWin Liquid at 2 ml per litre of water depending on crop and stages.
Fertigation: Apply 500 to 700 ml per acre of GrowWin Liquid along with irrigation.


500 ml Multi Colour Labeled HDPE Container. (Each Cotton Box 10 Liter)