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(Wild Boars’ Repellent)

Ecodon (Wild Boars’ Repellent) is formulated from 100% natural Herbal Extracts. Ecodon will work as plant protection from Wild Boars. It is Organically certified with No.NPOP/IM/26814197.

Directions for Use

1st Method: Dilute 1 Ltr. Ecodon with 100 Ltr. Fresh Water. While filling in sprayer filter the diluted solution. Spray around the crop field in a width of 2-3 ft. and 1 ft. away from crop. Wet the surface with water before spray of Ecodon diluted liquid. Wet the surface once in a week in dry weather to keep moisture.
2nd Method: Dilute Ecodon with water in 1:2 ratio in a tub and Soak Cotton or Jute rope around the crop field at one-foot height. Wet the rope once in a week in dry weather.


Important Instruction:
– Adopt which ever method suits in the crop area
– Wild boars can be repelled at lease 45 days if procedure is followed strictly.
– Keeping moisture is important for better results.


1 Ltr. Multi Colour Labeled HDPE Container. (Each Cotton Box 12 Liter)