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Omkar Fertilisers is a trusted brand for quality fertilizers since 2013. For the past decade, OMKAR Fertilisers has been creating value for its customers through a wide range of organic and inorganic fertilisers. Our products, including Chemical Fertilisers, Organic Fertilisers, Multi Micronutrients, Water Soluble Fertilisers and Bio Fertilisers for farmers, are suitable for all kinds of crop requirements pertaining to soil nourishment and erosion control. We in OMKAR Fertilisers take pride in being a trusted brand for quality fertilisers. Based in West Godavari, Omkar fertiliser focused on the agriculturally forward states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Agriculture has evolved to incorporate new technologies and methods such as synthesis of Fertilisers to improve the crop potential to get better yield. The health of the soil is paramount to higher yield of food. Soil health is a major contributor to plant growth. Availability of NPK fertiliser for the soil induces plant growth. The nutrients present in the fertiliser help the plants to grow healthily and gives rich yield. This is quite evident, when the crop is cultured, grown, and harvested using the nutrient medium. Soil health has been one of the major contributors for the plant growth and soil health predominantly depends upon the required NPK fertiliser which induces the plant growth. The nutrients present in the fertiliser helps the plants to grow healthy and in turn, becomes a catalyst for better yield. This is quite evident, when the crop is cultured, grown and harvested using the nutrient medium.



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Manufacturing quality fertilisers, Omkar has been leading in incorporating NPK fertilisers, Organic Fertilisers, Single Super Phosphate, Secondary Nutrients, Micronutrients, Water Soluble Fertilisers and Bio Fertilisers.

The objective of manuring the soil is to increase crop yielding capacity. It can be done using Stable manure, green manure, or commercial fertilisers. The resulting increase in products easily offsets the cost of manure or fertiliser applied. The crop yield is usually rich with nutrients like potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen which ensure the crop grow bigger, faster and produce more food which is essential to ensure enough food is available to feed the human population.

Organic farming as a system of crop production is to feed the soil rather than feed the plant. 1) Maintain Soil Health (preserve and enhance the required nutrients) 2) Maintain Ecological Balance 3) Avoid Ground Water and Air Pollution 4) Maintain Soil and Crop Productivity

Omkar fertilisers wishes to be the most preferred company for essential nutrients for soil nourishment. Our ambition has paved the way to building world class research capabilities which has led to industrious production of high quality organic and inorganic fertiliser products. Our aim is to strengthen the marketing network across India with multiple fertiliser manufacturing units.


Though our roots run deep in agriculture, we are also committed to bringing organic and in-organic and sustainable solutions to homeowners, landscapers, nurseries, and avid gardeners around the world. We take great pride in using all-natural ingredients found in our agricultural products and making them simple and easy to use with the same great results; lush lawns, healthier plants, beautiful blossoms, flourishing fruit, and vigorous vegetables

Omkar Fertilisers Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2011 and was the first company to make what is now Global Organics and In-Organic. Our goal is to be trusted experts, with commitment and dedication to our customers. We put an exceptional amount of focus on the needs of our customers, working with growers instead of simply for growers, to find the best possible solutions for their specific needs. We believe in the partnership between plants and the soil they are grown in. Unlike other companies, we do not apply synthetics to achieve a short-term solution for a long-term problem. Once we discover the underlying cause of the issue, we tailor fit our products to a grower’s specific needs, to reverse the damage and correct the problem, whether it is a disease, lack of nutrients, or unproductive soil. Our 20 years of hands-on expertise plays a vital role in our success. Our beginning is firmly planted in agriculture production. As former growers ourselves; we understand the importance of healthy soil and healthy plants. When we’re in the field, we are not simply salespeople, we are scientists and former growers, who work together to find economical solutions to challenges presented in crop production.

Trusted Quality, Proven Performance - Omkar Fertilizers: Proudly Certified and Awarded.


Farmers Reviews


    I've been using Omkar Fertilizers for years, and I couldn't be happier with the results. My crops have never looked healthier, and my yields have increased significantly.


      I was hesitant to try Omkar Fertilizers at first, but I'm so glad I did. Their organic fertilizers have transformed my soil and helped me grow some of the most vibrant crops I've ever seen.


        I've tried many different fertilizers over the years, but Omkar Fertilizers is by far the best. Their products are effective, easy to use, and reasonably priced.


          As a farmer, I've been using Omkar Fertilizers exclusively for the past five years. Their products consistently deliver excellent results, and their customer service is second to none.


            I highly recommend Omkar Fertilizers to any farmer looking to improve the health of their crops. Their fertilizers are top-quality and have helped me achieve record-breaking yields.


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